Friday, December 15, 2017

My Top 3 - Yesteryear Footy Pod

This week's Top 3 has been contributed by the guys at the Yesteryear Footy Pod (where they watch games gone past and talk about them.)

The guys had a bit of a rummage and their Top 3 - in their own words, but in no particular order - is as follows:

Late-80's Old Trafford

Airy design, bonus points for when a ball gets stuck in the upper corner.

Malta Empire Stadium

Living in Malta, thought we'd include a bit of Mediterranean flavour (and what's not to love here?) Think this image must be of England's visit in 1971...

Azteca Stadium

Bit of a classic, Azteca from the World Cup 1970.

Honourable mention to Hampden Park (but we saw this already picked in the series, so went for a bit of diversity instead...)

All great choices, Yesteryear Footy Pod - good luck with your excellent series of podcasts.

Would you like to contribute your Top 3? DM Tony on Facebook.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Big Match - Week 15

Where else this weekend but the Manchester derby?

Forget Mourinho and his fighting-in-the-tunnel look-over-there attempt to divert attention from his unsuccessful defensive tactics at home and revel in the History of Goal Nets at the Manchester derby.

This week's Big Match comes from Old Trafford and Maine Road because, why not? Isn't it Christmas?

1970 - Old Trafford

Check out United's old red stanchions and netting, and the Mike Doyle goal for 1-2 City - straight back out of the hardware!

Maine Road - 1975

1975/76 saw United return to the First Division and was the swansong for City's grand white stanchions, here with nets dropped short and pulled taut.

Maine Road - 1979

A 2-0 win for City featuring a beautifully curled goal by Michael Robinson - "fit to grace any derby match," according to the excited John Motson commentary - and the trendy Continental D supports City installed after the 1976 European Championships. What's not to like?

Old Trafford - 1982

Straight after the Spain World Cup, United went into copycat mode and dropped their nets waaaay short of their white stanchions. Check out the first of Frank Stapleton's brace for the afternoon - great goal - and note the nets' dreadful ball retention, caused by their being pinched in the corners.

Old Trafford 1990

United might have looked cool with their new Continental D's - their last change of goal nets before the box nets of Euro '96 - but it was Ian Brightwell's equaliser for City that stole the show!