Friday, May 19, 2017

Sportscene - Celtic v Hearts

Up to Scotland for end-of-season celebrations at Celtic Park where unbeaten champions Celtic close out their league season against Hearts. To commence celebrations we preview the match by reviewing past match-ups and the History of Goal Nets in the fixture.

1967 - first, a match from 50 years ago, in Celtic's European Cup winning year 1967. The hardware at Parkhead was standard A-frames, the software ill-fitting nets that would have fitted - and wouldn't have looked out at place at - the European Cup final of 1960.

1972 - four years later Celtic had installed the Continental D supports that would instantly identify games at Celtic Park on TV throughout the 1970's and 1980's, while Hearts were identifying with the legendary Ajax - then in the midst of their three European Cups in a row - with their shirt design

1988 - flag day at Celtic Park as Paul McStay, Frank McAvennie and pristine, opening day goal nets team up to down the Jambos.

1992 - four years later Hearts enjoyed a rare triumph in Glasgow after Celtic had replaced the organic Continental D's - where the hardware (supports) was separate from the software (the nets) - with a green supports and nets combo, complete with ground supports that did for the aesthetics.

I've looked everywhere but can't find it - can anyone supply footage of the goal at Parkhead when the ball went in off Henry Smith's head?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Match of the Day - Week 38

This week's Match of the Day previews the end of season clash between Southampton and Stoke City by looking back at the same fixture from 1982.

Then the sides played out a ding-dong 4-3 classic, featuring a Dave Watson rocket (at 5:30) and the unique, much-missed A-frames / Continental D's combo at the old Dell.